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On 4th June 2021 (If all will be good with covid-19), my wife and I arrive at Nairobi airport at 1415h. We are too late to get a shuttle bus to Arusha and so I understand we need a private transfer (approx $280).

(Forgive my ignorance) Can anyone tell me what a private transfer is (taxi?) and how we should go about arranging it? Is it something to book in advance or something to book on arrival? Is $280 a fair price- is it something that will need to be haggled over?

Also, is this a safe way of getting to Arusha at that time? I read that the road accross the border is very dangerous late in the day- but I don’t know why!

Any help would be most appreciated!

Many thanks…

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  1. I would guess that $250 – $280 would be the going rate for a private transfer from Nairobi to Arusha. Definitely negotiate and haggle for the rate (no tip is necessary.) I think these can be arranged at one of the small travel shops in the Nairobi airport.

    You can ask around the travel shops and they will know and will arrange for this. There are many of these travel shops there which arrange for safaris, hotels, transportation, etc.

    You’ll find them in the lobby just after leaving customs. if you wanted to do this in advance you could probably contact any local travel agency or safari company (in either Arusha or Nairobi) and they could arrange this for you.

    At 2:30pm you will have plenty of daylight to get to Arusha, if you don’t waste a lot of time trying to make these arrangements. It will get dark around 7:00pm and by then you’ll be close to Arusha. You’re looking at a 4 to 5 hour trip, depending some on how long it takes you to get through the border. The flights are typically on time.

    The reasons for caution on travel at night is because of bandits on some roads. I never suggest travel after dark; but you’ll be close to Arusha when it gets dark there so most probably you’ll be OK. Just don’t take too much time leaving the airport

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