How to get to Kigali from Mwanza


Hi everyone

I am planning head to DRC via Kigali from Mwanza. I have limited time so I am hoping to reach there within one day (15th Feb) to kick off rest of the trip.

I do not consider flying, Can anyone suggest any alternate method of transport / route that isn’t either super expensive and can be done within one day?

Much appreciated!!

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  1. I do not have much options, than suggesting you to look for flying options or by checking out this Tanzania flight links… .OR Try hiring a private car and compare prices,there should be companies for hiring cars in Mwanza.

  2. Rwandair land in mwanza airport or try by road but need to leave every morning to reach Rosumo board check for Tanzania to mwanza it long but you reach as full day driving!

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