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There are over 100 safari companies in Mwanza, Tanzania.   More than two years of research and planning from the initial email enquiry to the Africa-bound flights.   Below is the methodology used:

  •  01. Search the internet for safari reviews, recommendations, and note what does and does not work for safari travelers.
  •  02. Research TripAdvisor, Fodor’s and other safari resources and learn the How, What, Where, and When of a safari.
  •  03. Review safari brochures of several well known North American based safari companies.
  •  04. Select an itinerary.
  •  05. Email identical itineraries and accommodation choices to several safari tour operators to gauge pricing policies.
  •  06. Inform the tour operators of personal issues: food allergies; queen versus twin beds; motion sickness; etc.
  •  07. Request from safari companies: description of safari vehicles; lodging recommendations & national park recommendations;
  •  08. Determine how knowledgeable the safari companies are.
  •  09. Decide: whether one wants be a member of a group tour versus a private tour
  •  10. The novice explorer contacts approximately 20 safari tour companies, and receives prompt replies to inquiries.
  •  11. After weighing the pros and cons of each safari tour company, narrow the choices down to 2 or 3 companies.
  •  12. Thoroughly VET the selected safari operators.   Check to see if the safari operator is reputable
  •  13. Contact references of previous safari participants.  Ask for negative and positive comments about their safaris.
  •  14. A safari is an expensive undertaking –  all-inclusive room and board, transportation, safari guide, airport transfers, etc.
  •  15. Evaluate the information.   Take a deep breath.   Have faith in the decision-making process.
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