3 nights 4 days safari to Serengiti & Ngorongoro


We ( 2 of us) have to take an early morning flight from Dar es Salam on 29/9, Saturday & we need to be back at Dar es Salam on 2/10, the Tuesday night.

Priority is to see the best of Serengiti & Ngorongoro in 3 nights & 4 days.

My options are to start from Mwanza ( can arrive there by 8.10 am) or Kilimanjaro ( flight arrives at 8.40 am) or Arusha ( flight arrives at 10.40 am .. too late). Based on distance to park & flight arrival time ( even departure from Mwanza is at 20.40 pm on 2/10) , Mwanza looks like a better option.

Will I get good options for a 3 night 4 days safari from Mwanza for 2 people? Are there Mwanza based safari operators?

In terms itinerary for these 3 nights 4 days what should it look like where I have to make full use of the day of arrival & day of departure?

Any advantages or disadvantages of doing the safari from Mwanza over Kilimanjaro?

We are looking for mid range to budget level safari & any recommendations on tour operator who can do a safari from Mwanza would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I would suggest to fly from Kilimanjaro airport to Serengeti then follow up by 4 days safari

    • Day1 Arrival Serengeti with game drive
    • Day2.Serengeti full day explore
    • Day 3 . Early morning Serengeti tour afternoon drive to ngorongoro for overnigt
    • Day 4.crater tour back to Arusha or Kilimanjaro airport for late catch up flight.

    TOs go bullet 4th in TA there is list of TOur operators or www.tatotz.org or www.mnrt.go.tz/tour-operators

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