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Best Health care in Mwanza

Best Health care in Mwanza

Dar Es Salaam is an important and large city of Tanzania. It also happens to be one of the most populated City per square metre, calling for the need to have a high number of private hospitals coming up so as to cater for the medical needs of the rising population. Dar Es Salaam has plenty of health-care facilities that are used to dealing with travellers and expats, which is a good thing.

In no particular order of preference the following are the list of Medical care in Dar Es Salaam:

Aga Khan Hospital
Tel: 255-28-2502474
Mobile: +255 782-449466 / +255 788-928233 / +255 685-167226

Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital
Tel: 255-28-2542070, 2501014
Mobile: +255 754-618873, +255 748-388105, +255 784-683738,+255-788-638742

Kolandoto Hospital (AICT)
Mobile: +255 741-226992, +255 754-388105

Bugando medical Centre

P.o.Box 1370,


Tel: +255 028 2500513 Fax: +255 028 2500799

Email: /


Dr. Miriam Ganamutupule (Resident Doctor)
Aga Khan Medical Center
Tel: 255-28-2502474
Doctor on call: +255 777-521193

Dr. Charles Majinga, Director
Bugando Medical Center
Tel: 255-28-2500817, 2500513, 2540610

Dr. Alvin Rocero & Dr. Leila Rocero
Heri Adventist Hospital/Seventh Day Adventist Clinic
Mobile: +255 754-801534, +255 754-0168137, +255 757-502168

Dr. Mustafa Bapumiya, Cardiologist.
Aga Khan Hospital
Tel: 255-22-2115151-4
Mobile: +255 754-284276

Dr. Sharon Lord, Clinical Psychologist
C/O Radiology Department, Aga Khan Hospital

Dr. Nurrudin Lakhani, Pediatrician
Aga Khan Hospital
Mobile: +255 741-402814

Dr. Shabbir Mohamedali, Dentist
SD Dental Clinic
Kaluta Street City Center
P.O. Box 79716, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255-22-2116630, Mobile: +255 767-707777


Other Services:

AMREF Dar es Salaam Office
The Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa

P.O. Box 2773, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
AMREF in Tanzania, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road
Tel: 255-22-2116610, 2127187
Fax: 255-22-2115823

Knight Support (T) Ltd.
Tel: 255-22-2760087/88/89
Fax: 255-22-2760082
Mobile Emergency: +255 754-777100, +255 784-555911, +255 754-123199

Mission Aviation Fellowship – Tanzania
Tel: +255-26-2352880 office hours: Mon – Fri 0800 – 1700
Mobile: +255 754-308440 (after hours emergencies)

Ultimate Security Limited
P.O. Box 21231, Dar es Salaam
Tel: 255-22-2667722, 2667552
Mobile: +255 713-123911 (24hrs Control Room)
Diamond Carvalho (Chief Operations Manager) +255 713-123199

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