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Buchosa District

Buchosa District, is a district in the Mwanza Region in the southern coastal Tanzania. The district is on the south shore of Lake Victoria west of the city of Mwanza and north of the Geita Region. Much of the district is large islands in the lake. The district was established in 2015.


Buchosa district lies on islands and the southern shore of Lake Victoria. To the east is the Sengerema District that is also in the Mwanza Region. To the south and west is the Geita District of the Geita Region. Of the 4,480 square kilometres (1,730 sq mi) area of the district most, 2,945 km2 (1,137 sq mi), is water and only 1,535 km2 (593 sq mi) is land.


Wards (2016 Population): Bangwe (13,102), Bugoro (5,124), Buhama (14,051), Bukokwa (20,072), Bulyaheke (39,850), Bupandwa (20,446), Iligamba (13,565), Irenza (13,274), Kafunzo (12,101), Kalebezo (21,357), Kasisa (13,982), Katwe (14,120), Kazunzu (15,841), Lugata (23,704), Luhuza (7,744), Maisome (18,573), Nyakaliro (18,035), Nyakasasa (2,920), Nyakasungwa (9,466), Nyanzenda (23,265), Nyehunge (40,242), Uharanyonga (8,367)

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Kwimba District

Kwimba District is one of the seven districts of the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by the Magu District, to the east by Maswa District and Kishapu District, to the south by Shinyanga Rural District, and to the west by Misungwi District. The district seat is at Ngudu. Sumve is another important settlement in Kwimba District, hosting a hospital and large church.


The majority of the residents of Kwimba are Wasukuma from the Sukuma tribe and speak Sukuma along with Swahili. Most of the residents are engaged in the subsistence farming of rice, sweet potatoes, cassava, millet or maize.


Kwimba District Divisions: Bugando, Bungulwa, Bupamwa, Fukalo, Hungumalwa, Igongwa. Ilula Ward, Iseni, Kikubiji, Lyoma, Maligisu, Malya Ward, Mantare Ward, Mhande, Mwabomba, Mwagi, Mwakilambiti, Mwamala, Mwandu, Mwang’halanga, Mwankulwe, Ng’hundi, Ngudu, Ngulla, Nkalalo, Nyambiti, Nyamilama, Shilembo, Sumve and Walla

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Nyamagana District

Nyamagana District is one of the eight districts of the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Ilemela District, to the east by Magu District, to the south by Misungwi District and to the west by the Mwanza Bay of Lake Victoria.


The region’s capital, the City of Mwanza in Tanzania, is within the District . The district commission’s office is scheduled to be re-located to the Mkolani area of Mwanza town, but currently it is still in the old city hall in the centre of town.


Wards As of 2022, the District was divided into eighteen wards: Buhongwa, Butimba, Igogo, Igoma, Isamilo, Kishiri, Luchelele, Lwanhima Mabatini, Mahina, Mbugani, Mhandu, Mirongo, Mkolani, Mkuyuni, Nyamagana, Nyegezi and Pamba

2 Locations
2 Locations

Ukerewe District

Ukerewe District is one of the seven districts of the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. It is located on Ukerewe Island, Ukara Island and other neighbouring islands within Lake Victoria. The largest settlement and the district’s administrative capital is Nansio.

The district can be accessed by boats operating between Mwanza city and Nansio town in the Island daily. A road connecting the Island with Bunda district in Mara region across the lake Victoria by ferries on the eastern part, can be an ideal route for those wishing not to spend much time in waterways.

Ukerewe District is administratively divided into twenty-five wards: Bukanda, Bukiko, Bukindo, Bukongo, Bukungu, Bwiro, Bwisya, Igalla. Ilangala. Irugwa. Kagera, Kagunguli, Kakerege, Kakuru, Mukituntu, Muriti, Murutunguru, Nakatunguru, Namagondo, Namilembe, Nansio, Nduruma, Ngoma, Nkilizya and Nyamanga

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